Does the box come to me or straight to the mom-to-be?

Either! We understand some may not be comfortable giving/receiving our boxes in front of other people. If you want it delivered straight to a mom-to-be's door, make sure you put her address in the "shipping address" box at checkout. You can also write a note on the checkout page to include in the box. All notes are handwritten to make your gift extra special. 

How do I know which postwell box to get? 

Trick question, there is no wrong answer here! The Trifecta and Birth Boxes are for any new mom regardless of birth journey (vaginal or cesarean delivery). If a mom receives two postwell boxes, she can exchange anything in the box with any of our other products-- she can return what she doesn’t need and stock up on what she does! 

What happens if she has a C-Section?

The numbers don’t lie, 1/3 of births in the U.S. are via c-section. We’re working on a c-section add on option, so stay tuned! If a new mom has a c-section scheduled, the box will ship same as normal (2-3 business days). However, we know sh*t happens. For unplanned c-sections, we’ll send the box via rush shipping so it will be waiting when mom gets home. 

What is your shipping policy?

Postwell boxes are processed and shipped within 24 hours of ordering and take 2-3 business days to arrive (or 5 days if you choose standard delivery). 

Real talk, we’ll get it to you when you need it. From the second you find out about the pregnancy to the day she delivers, your box will be shipped ASAP.

When should I order?

Did a dear friend just tell you she’s pregnant? Order now. Are you going to a baby shower and want to bring a practical gift instead of another onesie? Order now. Are you a soon-to-be mom who needs a quick and easy option for recovery products? Order now. 

If you're buying for a friend we recommend gifting it after month 4 of her pregnancy or at her baby shower. If you're ordering for yourself, it's never too early! 

How and why did you choose the products in the boxes?

We’ve spent months interviewing first time moms, 5 times over moms, obgyns and delivery nurses to find out what every new mom needs. We don’t accept money from the brands in our boxes. If a product is in our box, it’s because we’ve tested it & truly believe it’s the best.

We’re always on the hunt for the newest recovery innovations to test and (if it passes) include in our boxes. Our favs are products made by female/mom-founded companies. Whenever possible, the products in postwell boxes are USDA organic, pesticide-free, cruelty-free, with no internal risk for the mom or baby (hence why nothing in the box is meant to be ingested).

I’d like to order multiple postwell boxes for my: office, mom group, etc. How do I place a bulk order?

What’s better than a postwell box? 20! Email our Founder Jess at jess@postwellbox.com and she’ll take care of you. 

Anything else?

We want to hear from you! Did something work wonders for you that you think should be in our boxes? Did you receive a box and have feedback for us? We want to hear ALL THE THINGS you have to say (also, we love baby pics). Stay connected with us on Instagram (@postwellbox) & Facebook (postwellbox), we love posting giveaways and discounts.